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Mr.D.Randeep Rajkumar,

RCI –CRR NO: A 1098.

Managing Trustee - LAMP-T (Lotus Action for Mental Health Promotion Trust)

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    Mr.D.Randeep Rajkumar has spent over 10 years curing patients from all types of mind-related problems and empowering normal people who have faced failures in their lives and suffered from all other problems due to low self esteem and limiting beliefs. It gives this specialized treatment to his patients with all sincerity, dedication and professionalism and ensures their complete recovery from the mental illness. He Pin pointedly diagnosing the causes for the problems that the patients are suffering from is the essential prerequisite before their journey to recovery can begin. It is in this aspect of treatment that he is famous for, which enables him to easily cure the patients thereafter through his powerful subconscious mind treatment techniques. If you are looking for help to overcome the problems that you have hitherto thought unsolvable, then you have come to the right place. He will offers counseling, psychotherapy for problems of addictions, anger, anxiety, depression, stress, low self esteem, fear, anxiety disorders, lack of self confidence, conflicts between couples and sexual problems like pornography, incest, perversions and homosexuals.

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    To managing above issue we need to developed programme which is optimised to detect the risk factors of various psycho- social issues in each disorders and also to identify the problem for early interventions ( Primary , secondary and tertiary level ). With the relentless efforts were put to blend principles of child psychology, educational psychology, Life Skill Education, human rights and science of computing.

    We are dedicated to changing the world’s view on mental illness and providing the resource and care these Clients deserve. All this kept in our mind we started Psychotherapy Clinic to provide psycho social support to the needy people.August 2012, till date we successfully proved and find innovate ways for improving mental health with competent mental health professionals.