Rajeswari Counselling & Psychotherapy provides accredited and highly experienced psychotherapists in Trichy, We can help with a wide range of issues and provide a safe, confidential, and caring environment at all times..

Clinic Activities

  • Detail Case History Taking & Case Diagnosis
  • Intervention Plan & Management
  • Regular Follow-Up

Psycho-Diagnostic Lab (Complete Psychological Assessment / Tests)

  • Personality Assessment.
  • Intelligence Assessment ( Verbal & Performance -Full Scale Assessments)
  • Neuro- Psychological Assessment
  • Child Behaviour Checklist
  • Developmental Child Psycho-pathology Checklist
  • Vocational Carrier Guidance Related Tests
  • Psycho-Diagnostic Assessment (Full Mind Check Up)
  • Learning Disability Assessment (LD)
  • Family Assessment Intervention Profile
  • Forensic Psycho-Diagnostic Assessment ( Legal Aspects)
  • Other Psychological Rating Scales
  • Art Therapy For Emotional Disturbance

How can Counselling help with peoples?

  • It can help process traumatic events in safety and confidence
  • Understand the underlying causes of your anger/irritability
  • Examine the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that contribute to low confidence
  • Gain self-understanding and insight
  • Improve your self-image
  • Help you to become more assertive and positive
  • It seeks to relieve accompanying symptoms such as depression, anxiety and low confidence And more

Family Therapy Clinic

  • To treat marital disharmony
  • To manage inter- personal relationships
  • Conflict management
  • Problem solving skills
  • Per-marital Counseling and Post marital Counseling

Sex Therapy Clinic

  • Psychogenic sexual dysfunction

Relaxation Therapy

Our Training Benefits

Therapists offer help in addressing many situations that cause emotional distress, including, but not limited to:

  • Relationship difficulties (e.g. within families, with partners)
  • Anxiety, Depression, Stress and other mental and emotional problems and disorders
  • Bereavement - the death of a loved one
  • Gain self-understanding and insight
  • Social and emotional difficulties related to disability and illness
  • Addiction problems – e.g. alcohol and substance abuse, gambling and other addictions
  • Sexual abuse and domestic violence
  • Eating Disorders
  • Career and job stress